The Vault

Iīm sorry, but the Vault is closed now. It used to be a download area for my subscribers with free downloads and some special goodies, especially some great video tutorials for newbies.

Anyway - if you like video tutorials, I have good news for you. The video tutorials from the vault are now available for free downloads on my internet tutorials website.

HTML Tutorial for Beginners
WordPress Tutorial
RSS Newsfeed Syndication Tutorial

Business Success Tip of the Day

Be a Strong Leader

Learn to be a good leader and a good mentor. Enjoy making a difference and in guiding others to achieve their potential as well. Help people reach to new horizons.

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Auction Tip of the Day

Retirement Age

If your auctions include items that would appeal to people around retirement age or moms and dads that stay or work at home, the best time to end your auction is mid-morning during the week. This is the time when older people spend most of their time on the Internet and the ideal time for parents who have smaller children taking a nap.

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