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Mastering Google Adwords - The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords

Did you know that ...
... a top position on pay per click search engines like Google Adwords can actually drop your convertion rates ?

This and many other little details can waste you thousands of dollars if you don´t know them. But how could you ? You don´t have the experience of years in testing Google Adwords campaigns and tracking their results.

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Google Adwords is an excellent choice for acquiring highly targeted visitors to any web site you want within minutes. While Google Adwords is the most complex ppc search engine I know of, rewarding its advertisers with lower costs for relevant ads, mastering this system is also more difficult.

But if you want to get an advantage over your competition, mastering Google Adwords and other ppc search engines has become more important than ever before.

Would You rather go through the pain of trial and error and find out the tricks and techniques by yourself or learn from someone who has been successfully using Google Adwords for over 5 years now ?

Perry Marshall is one of very few people who learned mastering Google Adwords by writing, testing and tracking ads for completely different business niches over years. His advice will definitely safe you tons of money.

I bought Perry´s "definitive guide to Google Adwords" a few months ago after I had wasted a few hundred dollars on ppc advertising. Thanks to Perry Marshall´s "definite guide to Google Adwords" I´ve quickly learned how to finally profit from my ppc campaigns.

Perry´s definitive Google Adwords guide (113 pages) will show you exactly how to choose the right keywords for your business, how to write ads that get the click and convert your traffic into sales.

You´ll soon discover the secrets to achieving way more than the required 0.5% minimum CTR and prevent your ads from being disabled.

He´ll even reveal the kind of keyphrases which achieve phenomenal click-through rates of up to 16 % !

An extensive Q&A section at the end of the book finally answers the most important questions of Google Adwords users and readers of the book.

Without Perry´s expert advice for mastering Google Adwords I´d still be wasting money on Google Adwords. It´s absolutely a no brainer - if you want to beat your competition, then you must know the tricks for getting higher click-through-rates and improving your website´s convertion.

I highly recommend Perry Marshall´s "definitive guide to Google Adwords".

Rating: 5/5


get your copy today.

Guido W. Stiehle

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