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Auto Web Law Pro Review


by Bruce Safran and Len Thurmond

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The FTC is really cracking down on internet marketers and online businesses, which donīt adhere to the new and strict rules.

One of the prominent cases was Frank Kernīs site "InfoMillionaire", which has been taken down by the FTC because of the lack of a legal disclaimer. But it doesnīt just stop there - if your web site lacks of required legal documents, youīre also going to risk of paying a huge fine.

Iīve been using free disclaimer templates that you can download from different places, but the problem with them is that it takes a whole lot of time to adapt them to your site and figuring out which parts to include and which not.

I donīt know what your time is worth but if I can save 10 hours of my time, itīs sure worth 500 $ or more.

Well the other problem with free templates is that the wording usually doesnīt sound really professional, you might even consider hiring a lawyer to look over your edited version and approve it. How much would that cost ?

Now with AutoWebLawPro you have everything in one package. A big arsenal of legal disclaimers, terms of use and privacy policies written by a professional attorney whoīs specialized in internet laws.

Itīs an ingenious "fill in the blank" software, that allows you to create super professionally written and customized legal documents for your website in minutes.

And it doesnīt stop here: the package also includes documents like disclaimers for newsletter publishers, non-disclosure forms, copyright documents, agreements for services & collaboration, software development agreements purchase agreements, trademark and website documents and miscellaneous documents.

You might think that 97$ is a big price - think again !

I mean, itīs like hiring an attorney.

Are you really doing serious business online or just playing a marketing game ? You shouldnīt put it at risk ! Download AutoWebLaw Pro and in ten minutes you can have your business professionally protected.

AutoWebLaw Pro has my highest recommendation, get your copy today.


Guido W. Stiehle

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