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Back in the brazilian jungle

Hi there everybody. Is it true that the last post was over one year ago? It´s time for me to write the post for this year, isn´t it? Well, since the last post in March 2008, I´ve spent most of my online marketing time in creating custom WordPress themes and creating / updating my new SEO WordPress themes, which are available for download in two versions.

In January 2009 we´ve finally moved back from Germany to Brazil (Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre – you can find it on Google Earth / maps). This year´s rain period is very strong and a lot of things that I planned to do right in the beginning (f.ex. build a new house) are delayed because of the frequent and heavy rainfalls.

I´m glad that we now have a broadband internet connection (at least as long as the fibre-optic cable doesn´t brake, which happens quite often). This way, I´m able to produce and upload some videos to my personal blog – www. Guido Stiehle .DE – that I built to keep my family and friends in Germany up to date with our activities.

Right now, I´m helping a friend of mine who´s owner of a local TV and radio station to create a website for his business: Rádio Juruá FM & TV Juruá. In addition, I spend quite some time in market analysis and finding information for founding my own company here in the brazilian jungle.

We, me and some friends of mine, are planning to work with natural products from the rainforest, nutritional supplements and remedies. We´ll be working together with the small farmers in order to help them to earn money from their lands without having to destroy the rainforest. There´s so much value in the native forest and these people just don´t have a clue how to use it or rather is the brazilian bureaucracy so difficult that they don´t manage to get over this hurdle.

I will still continue to update and maintain my mini-sites, since they are a great source of a basic recurring income, but I won´t have the time to publish many articles to my internet marketing blog anymore, so don´t be disappointed if you don´t here from me for another couple of months – now you know why. Anyway – if you like to get in touch with me, just send me an e-mail.

Any marketing related news? Well, just to say that from all the mini-sites I´ve done so far, only those with unique and well-written content are pulling in targeted visitors and income from pay-per-click ads and affiliate sales. As said in previous posts, I don´t use PLR articles for site content anymore, I don´t even invest time or use software to rewrite them, because the time spent on rewriting is more than writing an article from scratch and none of the rewriting software does a good job.

When I hire ghostwriters for articles, I don´t even use SEO companies or SEO writers or people who promise to write SEO articles, but I rather select work-at-home moms or dads who love to write and really know the topics about which I ask them to write. These people write articles in a more natural and interesting way than the seo writers do, and I don´t need to worry about keyword density and LSI analysis, because these naturally written articles are most of the times useful for visitors and perfect for the search engines, too.

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  1. Comment by Karirinkate

    Hey, Your A Live!! lol, btw WordPress 2.8 has just been released!!! UPGRADE!! :P, Are you going to update your HTML Tutorials to the current standard: XHTML 1.0/1 strict + CSS?

    Looking forward for future updates!

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