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Making of Acai Juice

Acai is a palm tree and not only people in the brazilian rainforest love to drink the juice which is made of the pulp of its fruits. Making it all manually is a hard work, but it´s also fun and a good physical exercise. Well, the exercise part is climbing the palm trees to collect the infructescence, i.e. all those small black fruits grow on a bunch of long branches that are tight together on a short stem. The tricky part, after climbing up the tree with the machete in your hand is then to cut the stem of the infructescence in a way that it will become lose enough to be teared-off by hand. If you hit it too hard, it will fall down and most of the fruits will fall off the branches when it hits the ground.

That´s me on top of an Acai palm tree:

One medium size Acai infructescence:

About 95% of the fruits is seed and skin and only a very thin layer of pulp lies between a hard skin and the seed. In order to separate the pulp from the seed, you first need to soak it in warm water for about half an hour. Then you take the fruits, put them into a basket and stamp them with a piece of wood or a glass bottle, adding a very small amount of water. This will crush the skin and loosen the pulp from the seed.

Then you add a little more water to wash the pulp and the crushed skin away from the seeds and finally sieve the mixture to separate pulp from the skin parts.

Doing it all alone, it took me half a day to produce 5-6 liters of tasty acai juice. Now imagine you don´t do this for fun, but to earn money … at $ 0.80 / liter, you´ll make about 8-10 $ a day, working very hard.


  1. Comment by Kerry

    Hi there,
    How can I get some of this to Australia, straight from brazil?? Any good suppliers of good quality Acai that you know of??

  2. Comment by Meg McNeal

    Well that is one way to do it. Another way is to buy a bottle of Monavie. You don’t only get the great acai, you get 18 other fruits. All the colors of the rainbow.

  3. Comment by Acai Juice Lover

    this is a very good post about Acai berry. Your did a great job and I hope your Acai juice must be pure and organic. thanks god you dont crush them by using your feet as we used to watch in big food spots.

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