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Pictures of my jungle home

here are a few pictures for you to get an impression of my jungle home in Brazil. If you want to know where the city “Cruzeiro do Sul” is located, simply check out Google maps or Google Earth (searching for “Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil” will fly you directly to there). Fortunately, our site is located a few miles outside of the city, a very calm place with still some forest behind our house.

Our jungle home:

It has become quite small now with our three kids, so the next time we will travel to Brazil we´re going to build a bigger house. Being located close to the woods, you can imagine that we frequently have animal guests like …

little frogs:
bird spiders:

And I am truly amazed about the biodiversity. For example: in Germany, I know about three different types of ants. In our jungle garden alone, there are over a dozen different ant species. Here just two pictures, the smallest and the biggest. Beware of the big one, it doesn´t bite, it stings like a wasp and it hurts for about 24 hours.

Click the image above to see a bigger picture.

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  1. Comment by Laura

    Wow! That’s an ant? Boy it looks GREEN there. I think I would love it and learn to like the critters more. I just want to feel safe, don’t like them in my food, nor on me while sleeping, and want education on what is poisonous in the nearby area. I hope you and your family had, or are still having, a great time in Brazil. Be safe.

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