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Review of Neil Sharing´s Passive Cashflow Secrets

Neil Sharing recently released a video course called “passive cashflow secrets“. The sales page is very promising, so I bought the course to see if it offers any new information and value for the money. Let me tell you upfront: I´ve been very disappointed of this course.

The videos seem to be made only to make this infoproduct a video course (adding perceived value to the product). A lot of video time, Neil is wasting to draw ugly graphs on a white background. There´s some very basic information about the meaning of “passive income” or “passive cash flow” explained in long videos that could be explained in 3 short paragraphs.

Apart from the very basic information which seems to be targeted to newbies, Neil talks about some of his more or less passive ways to earn money online. One way is AdSense, of course. The site he brags about on his sales page that earned him about 80 dollars in one day (from over 3000 visits that day) is actually a very poor site. I can´t tell you details from inside the course, but I can tell you this: that day has been a VERY (!!) exceptional day.

And more: I earn the same money with AdSense with a site that has 1000 times less articles on it compared to Neil´s example.

A very big disappointment was the 102 $ mystery bonus. I believe Neil is going to piss off a lot of customers with that. This bonus is actually only a 102 $ discount on a 299 $ script. In other words: you are misled into looking forward to a valuable bonus just to find out that it´s actually something you need to buy for 197 $.

So what about the passive income “secrets” or let´s say “tips for creating passive cash flow”? If you are a complete newbie, you will at least learn some of the possibilities you have for creating a passive income through the internet. But you will also be left in the dark about many more details you need to know in order to really setup those income streams (note: I said “if you are a complete newbie”). This course is not for you.

If you are doing business online for a while now and heave read a few good newsletters or forum posts on the topic, you won´t really find much information. Your money will be better spent in other things like having unique content (articles, ebook, …) created for you. I mean, I don´t need to tell you that you can make money online selling e-books through your website. You already know this option exists. But do you know EXACTLY all the steps you need to go through before you make your first sale? Neil´s video course won´t teach you these details.

Hence, I don´t recommend Neil Sharing´s “passive cashflow secrets”.

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  1. Comment by Agree

    I do agree with you.We know many gurus like that! But it’s normal.

  2. Comment by Joey

    Wow, an honest review of an ebook? I’ve never seen this before on the internet! Where’s your affiliate link? Why are you doing this – are you trying to get more subscribers or something? Well good job, thanks for the info.

  3. Comment by John

    How incredibly refreshing it is to see an honest review!

    Thank you for posting it.

    I’m glad you’re back.


  4. Comment by Lisa

    Dear Lord, an honest review! I’ll tell you what: the internet marketing community is starved for a good review site. Why not do one, Guido? It would save us all a lot of time and money! You could even turn it into a relatively inexpensive membership site, but I think you would have a lot of subscribers. Think about it…:-)

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