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AdSense Backgrounds Review

3 weeks ago, I got to know about a set of 100+ background images for different Google AdSense ad blocks. I took up on the offer because the examples on the sales page looked good and though they were mostly for small ad blocks, I was hoping to find usable backgrounds for bigger ad blocks, too.

(Just in case you wonder how these examples look like, take a look at the sales page)

What a disappointment! Many backgrounds are just thick multi-colored borders that look really ugly in my opinion. The paper-style and notebook-style backgrounds that I found most appealing are unfortunately only designed for small rectangular ad blocks and I purchased the package in order to save time. Hence, if I need to change the graphics to make them suitable for bigger ad blocks, I can as well design my own graphics from scratch.

I�ve used a paper-style background for 3 weeks now on one site, but I haven�t noticed any increase in click-throughs. On the contrary, my average CTR on the same ads dropped to about 2/3 compared to the previous month�s CTR.

That was a bad deal, so I don�t recommend this product. Of course, I asked for a refund.


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  2. Comment by Sohail

    just wanted to drop you a note of thank you for your honest review. I was considering buying the Adsense Background product and will now stay away. It’s a nice surprise to see an actual honest review. Thnaks again,

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