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Is AdSense really dead or still alive ?

Iīm sure youīve heard about this very controversial report named “The Death of AdSense“, by Scott Boulch. After reading it, Iīve thought: well, Scott – youīve made your AdSense money with junk sites and now the days of auto-generated sites are over … but you should have known it before.

On the other hand, Scott also shows copies of big checks he gets each month from different affiliate networks. One of the screenshots reveals that big part of his revenue seems to come from pay per lead deals.

After the first report (The Death of AdSense) Iīve been very sceptical about what we may except to come next. I couldnīt imagine that he was making all that money simply by replacing AdSense on his junk sites with lead generation ads or any other affiliate offers.

One claim he makes in his report is true. AdSense revenue has become less in many niches even on sites that are white hat and still get the same amount of traffic and clicks like before. This happened because Google now allows their advertisers to set a different maximum price per click on the search and in the content network.

But of course, that doesnīt mean the death of AdSense. Itīs still a good way to monetize your content websites. However, there are more profitable ways to monetize a website.

Honestly, I expected this promotion to be just another launch of a new product, but today I got the next report named “Live After AdSense”. Itīs also completely free and Scott shows you exactly his “Click Flipping” strategy.

Basically, it works like this:

You use Google AdWords to drive traffic to a landing page on which you have an ad for a lead generation service. Test the ads for ROI, stay with those that are bringing you profit and drop those wich arenīt or improve them until they do.

So, basically itīs nothing else than the GoogleCash strategy.

However, Scott also teaches us that it is possible to increase our revenues by getting around the “middlemen”. There are a few hints about how this can be done but Scott doesnīt go into details.

All in all, the second report is very good and I highly recommend you read them both. I donīt know what will come next. I believe there will be some kind of product, maybe AdWords tracking tools or other tools that easy-up your life as an AdWords advertiser.

Iīm confident that Scott will keep on providing great information for free, so itīs well worth to be on his list. If you havenīt subscribed yet, do it now and download and READ both reports today.

The Death of AdSense / Life After AdSense

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