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AdSense Templates Review

AdSense Templates is a new membership site that was just launched last week by Cody Moya. The membership is limited to 2000 people which is quite a lot and the cost is 97 $ per month.

Let´s take a look at what you get:

100 website templates in 4 different formates (regular HTML templates, Blogger templates, WordPress themes, XsitePro templates). The structure of these templates is always the same, but the header graphics are of course different and lots of them are well done while others are not (honestly – I wouldn´t do better if I created them by myself).

In addition to the templates you also get 10 private label rights articles for each website – that´s a total of 1000 articles. I´ve skimmed through a couple of articles and found that not all of them are well written. Some contain spelling and grammatical errors, so you definitely want to invest some time to review the articles before you publish them.

The 100 sites are not all in different market niches, for instance, there are 3 sites for the “chocolate recipies” niche alone and 4 sites for the “iPod Video” niche. At least, the templates and the articles that come with these sites within the same market niche are different.

In addition to completely pre-built websites, you get the articles either as text files or Word documents and all the header graphics are also delivered as PSD files, so that you can edit them with Photoshop or The GIMP.

Another part of this membership site is an extensive training video section. The first couple of tutorials are very basic things related to HTML and template editing but at the bottom of the tutorials page you will find links to a lot of great tips and techniques for getting more traffic and links to your websites, especially to your blogs.

Cody also offers to create video tutorials upon request, so if there is something you want to learn that is not yet covered in the tutorials, you can ask Cody and he´ll create a video tutorial for you (and other members).

The tools:

There are a couple of seo tools included in this membership site but these type of tools you can mostly find anywhere else, such as a back link checker, ranking position checker, keyword research tool (using Overture´s database), etc …

However, one tool that is praised on the sales page – the HTML content randomizer – is really junk. The function of this tool is to add random content to the ready-made HTML websites in order to make each site unique for every member. Well, if you like random strings of characters like “xnrlosmd nflwskmdlls pwivnwqaut” added to your webpages´ meta tags, then use this tool. I surely won´t.

I don´t want to go into the details about all the bonuses offered with the AdSense Templates membership, maybe you will find something worthwile, maybe not.

All in all, the most valuable part of course are the templates and the PLR articles. Sure, we probably won´t be able to use all 100 templates and 1000 articles each and every month, so my recommendation for you is:

If you want a quick and easy way to start building your network of mini sites for AdSense, join only for one or two months and use as much as you can but also add your own content, articles from other sources and eventually product reviews to your websites in order to make them more unique.

You should also add more content to each single webpage to make each page different from other members´ pages. Why not include a newsfeed ? You should already know how to do it, unless you missed my RSS syndication video tutorial which you got as gift for joining my newsletter.

I personally intend to stay a member for 3 months. That will give me enough material to keep me busy for a while.

If you are in doubt of the quality of the templates and articles, simply sign up for the free offer of 3 templates and 30 articles and check them out.

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