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10 AdSense Secrets Review

AdSense Secrets by Ryan Deiss is a 20 page report that quickly describes 10 “secrets” for earning more money with Google AdSense. Most of these tips (7) are about increasing the click-trough rate for your AdSense ads, the 3 other tips are pretty much general.

I like this e-book because its a very quick read and I took some good advice from it. Just one “secret” applied to one of my sites doubled the CTR of the AdSense ads on it.

I also like that Ryan is honest about two of the techniques that are highly aggressive and could get a site banned by Google, so you know if and when you are taking a calculated risk. Im sick of those people who claim their techniques are “white hat” while they are not.

So, what more shall I say: if you already have a couple of sites built for AdSense and you are not satisfied with the click-trough rate (below 20%), then you should definitely reinvest some of your earnings into this e-book, absorb the information in 30 minutes or less and try out the techniques to see if they work for you, too.

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