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January 26, 2007

Issue 36: Copyright Violations

Filed under: newsletter archive - 26 Jan 2007

today┤s newsletter is going to be short. In the past two weeks I barely found time to even check and answer my emails, left alone working on the internet. Our baby son is very active during the nights. Additionally, I …

November 17, 2006

Issue 35: A Live Lesson in List Building

Filed under: newsletter archive - 17 Nov 2006

I┤m proud to announce that our son Gabriel was born last Saturday at 3:13 a.m. Everything went well, Gabriel and his Mom are fine. Here is a picture of him together with his sister Sophia – she is so happy …

November 1, 2006

AdSense Backgrounds Review

Filed under: product reviews - 01 Nov 2006

3 weeks ago, I got to know about a set of 100+ background images for different Google AdSense ad blocks. I took up on the offer because the examples on the sales page looked good and though they were mostly …

Issue 34: My Fight Against Spam

Filed under: newsletter archive - 01 Nov 2006

All the leaves are brown … and the sky is …
beautifully blue !


I can┤t remember a warmer autumn like this year. I love it! Today┤s newsletter will be very short as I have a lot of non-internet work to do. …

October 15, 2006

TheJungleMarketer in Berlin

Filed under: Uncategorized - 15 Oct 2006

On the first weekend this month, we┤ve spent 4 beautiful days in Germany┤s capital: Berlin. I admire my kids (Sophia, 4 years old and Amadeus, 2 years). We wanted to see a lot, so they had to go through a …

October 7, 2006

Blog SEO: optimizing URLs and title tags

Filed under: marketing experiments - 07 Oct 2006

In the past newsletter (issue no. 33) I told you about a study that shows us the unimportance of keywords in URLs. I went a step further and compared WordPress blog pages with junk site generator pages, because both are …

Issue 33: SEO, blogging experiment and PLR

Filed under: newsletter archive - 07 Oct 2006

Dear reader,

welcome to issue no. 33 of TheJungleMarketer┤s internet marketing newsletter. While you are reading this newsletter, I┤m already heading for Berlin (Germany┤s capital) with my family. We┤re going to spend an extended week-end there (┤til thursday, October 3) visiting …

WP Minisite Experiment: the first revenue

Filed under: marketing experiments - 07 Oct 2006

If you are new to my newsletter or don´┐Żt remember what this live experiment is about, read the last private posts starting from August 2006.

This time it took quite long to get the site indexed in Google and Yahoo – …

September 22, 2006

Is AdSense really dead or still alive ?

Filed under: product reviews - 22 Sep 2006

I┤m sure you┤ve heard about this very controversial report named “The Death of AdSense“, by Scott Boulch. After reading it, I┤ve thought: well, Scott – you┤ve made your AdSense money with junk sites and now the days of …

Issue 32: AdSense InfoProducts and Services Reviewed

Filed under: newsletter archive - 22 Sep 2006

Dear Reader,

I┤m back from a long internet business summer break. Actually, we (my wife, the kids and I) have only been on vacation for 3 weeks. We had a great time at various beaches in the south of France and …

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