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Issue 40: New SEO and Web2.0 WordPress Themes

Dear Colleague,

after another long period of silence, I have some interesting news for you: a new product review and new WordPress themes.

In today´s issue:

1. Review of Neil Sharing´s “ten day cash secret”
2. New Web2.0 WordPress Themes
3. A New PLR Package with Great Content

Ten Day Cash Secrets – Review

There´s no secret to earning money the easy way within ten days. In fact, it can be done much faster. The technique used by Neil Sharing in his “ten day cash secret” is nothing new, it´s been around for a while in a similar way.

And let me warn you upfront. It´s another “thin affiliate” strategy, so I don´t endorse it at all.

Here is how this technique works:

You – the affiliate marketer – take a product feed from a merchant, install a WordPress blog and use Neil´s script to automatically create blog posts based on the products in the feed, one post per product.

Within days, the new site gets indexed in the major search engines and will most probably also attract some visitors. If you are lucky, your pages will rank well for specific product searches since all the pages are built around the products. So the visitors you get via the search engines are likely to be buyers.

Almost 3.850 US$ in sales in the first month after Neil´s test site got live, that sounds like very much. But “sales” just means the money received by the merchant. If you find out that this particular affiliate program only pays 2% commission, you can quickly calculate that the revenue of the site was only 77 US$.

Well, 77 US$ is still good for an affiliate site which is purely built with the content of a product feed.

It´s no surprise that a brand new site does well in the search engines right from the beginning. Similar figures can be achieved with a new blog and a bunch of articles on it, using Google AdSense or other affiliate products to monetize the traffic.

What´s much more important though is how a site will be doing in the months and years to come. I don´t see a good potential in sites that are built purely on product feeds. They lack of quality, original content. They are very thin affiliate sites.

My prediction is that Neil´s product feed strategy only works if you find a feed that …

1. almost nobody else uses

2. contains more than just the product title and an image (at least a bit of a descripton would be good or you don´t have any content than a title and a picture for each post).

3. contains products people are looking for to buy.

Valuable product feeds that meet these requirements are rare. Even IF you find an awesome product feed somewhere, how long do you think you will be the only one using it?

When you look at Neil´s sales page you´ll see an interesting note right on top: today (03/17/2008) it says “over 1.000 copies sold”. So there are over 1.000 webmasters using this script on probably several thousand sites already. Over 1.000 webmasters looking out for great product feeds to use.

Sorry, but I won´t jump on this bandwaggon just for a few extra bucks this and maybe the next month and I surely won´t use this script on my mini-sites that have valuable, unique content. It´s not worth taking the risk of getting flagged as “thin affiliate”.

Just in case you are curious and want to take a quick look at the sales page: 10 Day Cash Secrets

And Neil´s “thin affiliate” site: Wine Buyers UK

New Web2.0 WordPress Themes

These weeks, I´m trying to develop the ultimate SEO, Web2.0, user-friendly, easily customizable WordPress theme. Many of you are familiar with my older SEO WordPress themes.

For the web2.0 design, I´ve got inspired by the tigopedia reloaded theme, which can be downloaded here:

However, there are some things I don´t like in tigopedia:

1. lack of flexibility – just one fixed design.
2. lack of SEO, sidebars come above the content.

Therefore, I started to create a similar theme but with much more flexibility and features. You can read more details about the current state of development and also submit your ideas and wishes for features here:

WordPress 2.0 Theme Development

Once the themes are ready, I´ll let you know about and you can download and use them. These will be the best themes for SEO niche blogs you can find.

A New PLR Package with Great Content

I´m not always in favor of PLR (private label rights) content. I especially don´t like PLR articles because they are frequently overused and don´t give you much value.

However, I do like certain PLR packages that contain good quality ebooks. I like PLR ebooks because they allow me to use the content in a couple of different ways, f.ex. selling the ebooks as they are with my name on them, extracting articles, create e-courses for my niche sites to gain subscribers, package with other products, etc …

Peter Sherman just released “Niche Box Bonanza”, a package with 5 brand-new PLR e-books, including graphics, website headers, pre-written sales letters and other marketing materials, so if you want to sell these books, you can start very quickly.

The e-books are in the following niches:

play black jack
quit smoking
herbal remedies
debt-free lifestyle
creating online business

If you already have a site or if you are planning to start a new website in any of these niches, Niche Box Bonanza is good for you. Go check it out.


  1. Comment by Doris

    It’s actually hard to find sincere and honest internet marketer and I found you. You are so honest and sincere. Thank you so much for you honesty and the sincere review you gave on 10 cash Day. So many newbies like me have gotten lost in sales pitch and excess guru’s advice that we are almost frustated and in debt. I wish I found your blog earlier I would have gotten further than where am stock at right now.
    Thanks once again for your honesty.

  2. Comment by Affiliates World

    Thanks for the update and honest review. Always refreshing!

  3. Comment by Ed

    VERY nice to see you back Guido. You’re one of the only marketers whom I actually miss hearing from. Your marketing tips and videos are pire gold and ZERO BS.

    I hope that you’ll write more often and share more golden tips in the form of videos and tutorials.

    Los Angeles, California

  4. Comment by Leslie

    Hey Guido!

    Nice to see you’re back. I was just thinking about you the other day and voila! you pop up in my inbox this morning.

    I hope your move went well. :-)

    Re: today’s post… I for one am glad someone with some sort of “name” in the IM crowd has FINALLY told it the way it is on Neil Shearing’s latest script. The man generally makes really good stuff, but I took a look at this one when it launched and thought the same thing. Gave it a miss, I did.

    Re: wordpress themes–and SEO’d themes at that… can’t wait to take a look! :-)

    Have you seen Joost de Valk’s blog?

    Some really good stuff there. There’s a nice robots-meta plug in that does some cool stuff.

    I found it on Robert Plank’s blog: There’s a good post on there with some tips for blog SEO. (But it’s mostly about php coz that’s what he does. He is a Warrior, though, so there’s some general marketing stuff too. So far I’m liking it.

    Anyway, good to hear from you again! Hope this is a sign that everything is going well and that we can expect to hear from you more often!


  5. Comment by Eric Harrison

    Thanks for the Neil Shearing review. I hold Neil in high regard and have no doubt (thanks to his step-by-step reports) that what he was advertising did work for him. I thought very seriously about jumping on it because there was the refund to cover me. But I had reservations about the data feed = cash equation. Your explanation articulates what I suspected. Anyway, thanks for explaining the thin affiliate concept to me.

  6. Comment by Ryan from Internet Marketing Blog

    Cool, I’ve been looking for some good SEO WordPress themes!

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