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Issue38 – I´m back doing business online

Today´s topics:

1. The 2 main reasons for my absence.

2. What I´ll be doing in the coming months

2 Reasons for my Absence

A) Lazyness?

Well, I can´t say I´m a lazy person. I´m still a full-time dentist and father of 3 little kids to whom I dedicate a good amount of time. Usually I have between 1 and 2 hours every day left for my internet business, early in the morning or late in the evening.

But until the mid of July, I didn´t use that time to care about my internet business, doing other unproductive things like watching TV or sleeping too long in the morning. There´s no excuse for that.

B) Lack of Time

Then, in July, I re-opened my custom WordPress themes design service offered from my other site “”. I had noticed in my site statistics that a reasonable number of people were finding this page through the search term “custom wordpress themes”, which appears in the top 3 results on Google for this search term.

I like doing the custom themes, but it´s another trade of time for money … time that could be better invested in increasing passive income streams. Therefore, I raised the price for a custom design from $80 to 150$ in order to reduce the number of orders and free up my time to care about passive income projects and this newsletter (again).

Last month, I had to spend a lot of time updating a couple of things like my video tutorials, moving TheJungleMarketer from ThirdSphere (I had reached the disk space limit) to a new webhost and writing content for a new niche site project.

But now I´m glad to be back on track again.

What I´ll be doing in the next few months

First of all, I will add more unique content to my mini-sites that are earning me a passive income and that I haven´t touched for a long time and also continue to steadily promote these sites in order to increase my passive income.

I´ve built sites using unique articles and others using PLR articles, but only those sites with unique content are doing well. Even when you spend money for having the articles written for you, this money is better spent as the low fee you pay for a PLR article membership site.

And sites with unique content are here to stay for a long time, even if you don´t touch them for a while, i.e. you don´t add new content nor submit articles to directories to get more incoming links for over a year, these sites continue to produce income.

I´ll talk to you more about passive income in the next newsletter. Just bought Neil Sharing´s “passive cashflow secrets” course to see if it gives me some new ideas, but I was very disappointed. More about this course in a detailed review … by the end of this week.

In addition to the passive affiliate and AdSense income from my minisites, I´ll invest more time in building up another quite passive, residual income stream: building, hosting and maintaining websites for certain professions, f.ex. dentists, attorneys, …

I´ll continue my newsletter on a monthly publishing schedule and share my experiences and progresses with you. However, the newsletters will be shorter, only a summary of what happened during the month and the articles / reviews that are new on my blog. If you are using a feed reader, you should subscribe to my blog´s RSS feed in order to receive all the news as soon as they are published.

New internet marketing products you can expect to be reviewed within the next 10 days:

Neil Sharing´s “passive cashflow secrets”
Andy William´s “creating fat content” course
Michael Green´s “20/20 challenge”


Guido W. Stiehle


  1. Comment by greg

    I am confused. So, what else is new? ;P

    You say that unique content is king, yet then you say to use PLR content instead of unique content?

    Greg: in the newsletter, I said that “I´ve built sites using unique articles and others using PLR articles, but only those sites with unique content are doing well. …”
    In other words: I still do have some minisites that are built purely with PLR content, but as said: in my experience, unique articles are doing much better than PLR articles. There are, however, good ways to use PLR content:

    1. for e-courses sent by Autoresponder
    2. for downloadable reports (free or paid)
    3. for bonuses to your existing products

    You could even add a few PLR articles to your site, but nowadays I would rather build my sites with unique content only.

  2. Comment by Troy

    Hi Guido,

    Glad to see you are back. I was just checking feed reader and noticed new posts. Always enjoy your insights and good information without the hype of many marketers.

  3. Comment by Matt | Advertising Course Internet Marketing Online

    So to clarify-you would rather pay for articles written than use plr? In your experience, is the cost relatively the same?

  4. Comment by Internet Marketing Leeds

    Welcome back Guido. I look forward to your posts.

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