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Issue 35: A Live Lesson in List Building

I┤m proud to announce that our son Gabriel was born last Saturday at 3:13 a.m. Everything went well, Gabriel and his Mom are fine. Here is a picture of him together with his sister Sophia – she is so happy with her new brother.


Today I want to share with you a great live lesson in list building and my review of Richard Queck┤s new product. Enjoy.

Review: The Internet Money Machine e-Seminar

TIMM eSeminar – by Richard Queck

This product was launched at the beginning of November but I didn┤t get a single e-mail from Richard┤s affiliates. Well – does that already speak of the (low) product quality? In my opinion – yes. The product is supposed to be a video tutorial series on internet marketing, but the videos are actually more like powerpoint presentations.

The Internet Money Machine e-Seminar is mainly targeted to people who want to market their products on the internet. When I reviewed the videos, I┤ve been very disappointed to find that all those lessons contain very superficial information only and are sort of enumerations of things that one can do. Richard does not go into details about HOW to actually write a sales letter, successfully strike joint ventures, create sales pulling follow-up messages, etc …

The information you get from TIMM e-Seminar can be found in free articles anywhere on the net. And if you don┤t like to search for the information, then I suggest you get a resource book like Ken Evoy┤s “Make Your Site Sell“, which is now available as free download.

TIMM e-Seminar is definitely not worth the money (almost 500$).

A Lesson in List Building

Many times, you do not need to buy a how-to product to learn a marketing technique that works. If you are smart, you will study the promotions of other successful marketers and easily find out how they are doing it. Do you remember last month, the buzz around “the Death of AdSense”? Well, that was an awesome example of how one can build a big and targeted e-mail list.

This month, another well-known marketer – Mike Filsaime – is not only using the same technique but he┤s also taking advantage of the stir caused by “The Death of AdSense”. Mike just released a free report called “The Death of Internet Marketing“. Not much inventive, but why reinvent the wheel?

Okay, we all know that Internet Marketing is not dead, right? Or maybe …? Hmm, well … I┤ll need to find out what Mike is talking about, so I get on his list and download the free report. I read the report and find a lot of useful and eye-opening information, some things I already knew, others that I haven┤t realized yet, so it was well worth the 20 minutes spent reading it.

Sidenote: I recommend you read it, too. Mike talks about some trends in our industry (the Internet Marketing niche). And pay attention to the process when you go there, subscribe and download it. Get “the Death of IM”

Once you are signed up, you┤ll realize that Mike is paying you 1$ for every subscriber you refer. So, where┤s the catch? Where are the one-time offers and upsells that you are probably already sick of from other people┤s promotions? Of course does Mike have products for sale, but the important different between OTOs and Mike┤s approach is that Mike thinks in the long-term.

Look – OTOs used to work but today probably everybody gets pissed of when he/she gets such a “buy now, you┤ll never see this offer again” pitch after signing up for a free course. Not a good way to build trust.

Now, let┤s quickly talk about the dollar value of a subscriber. Have you ever purchased co-registration leads/subscribers? A co-registration double opt-in subscriber usually costs somewhere between 25-50 Cent. But these are subscribers that just saw an ad for your list (and many others) somewhere on the internet and usually are bribed with big prices (cars, notebooks, ipods, etc …) to subscribe. Many of them won┤t remember your name when you send your first newsletter to them.

Compare that to people who come to your website, subscribe themselves to your (double opt-in) list and after reading a valuable report are really looking forward to receiving more communication from you. Such subscribers are worth way more than 1$. Even if many of them do not buy anything from you – they might still click on Google Ads on your website often enough within the first year everytime you send a piece of information posted to your site/blog and earn you the money back you spent in acquiring these subscribers.

For now, I suggest you get Mike┤s report and pay close attention to how the entire promotion is setup. Beside a great lesson in list-building, there are some great tips in the report itself, although the title is a bit hyped-up, but you know – that┤s part of the game.

Get the report: “the Death of Internet Marketing” by Mike Filsaime.

Have a great week !

Guido W. Stiehle


  1. Comment by Adrian Bold

    Firstly, Congratulations on the birth of your son. I hope he brings you and your family much joy.

    Also, thank you for the honest review. Always great to here something other than a pitch though I have to admit I have resisted the urge to earn the $1 from Filsaime. There’s a catch… it’s just moved on from the OTO!

  2. Comment by Dennis

    This is a good article, and probably many people are tired of the OTO after a free offer, as you point out. I am. And we know who now has the idea to change because everybody is doing it. So now it’s off to go and get the report that you mentioned.


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