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Issue 32: AdSense InfoProducts and Services Reviewed

Dear Reader,

Iīm back from a long internet business summer break. Actually, we (my wife, the kids and I) have only been on vacation for 3 weeks. We had a great time at various beaches in the south of France and the kids loved the seaside – they even didnīt mind the salty water.

August was a very busy month – offline. I had to substitute 3 other dentists in my town and care about the emergencies of their patients. Thatīs why I didnīt even find the time to write the regular newsletter and I want to apologize for that.

However, I still had the time to purchase and review some new info products and tools related to earning money with Google AdSense and these are the topics of todayīs newsletter:

1) What do people do to earn a lot of money with AdSense?
2) AdSense Wealth Empire Review
3) AdSense Templates Review
4) 10 AdSense Secrets Review

Enjoy !

1) What do people do to earn a lot of money with AdSense ?

From what Iīve seen and read in the past few months, there are basically only two different approaches to earning a lot of money with Google AdSense.

One is tought by Michael Cheney in his AdSense Videos product. He claims to have only a few websites, each of them very popular, getting a lot of traffic and achieving high click through rates.

The other approach which most people seem to take is cranking out hundreds of websites that earn only nickles or maybe even a dollar per day.

It takes time and dedication to build a widely popular site that gets enough traffic to make a living from AdSense. Anyway – on such a site, you also have additional revenue streams like selling products or advertising space.

On the contrary, building a website that makes only 10 $ per month is very easy. But you would need at least 250 sites in order to generate an average income.

So the question now is: how long does it take to build and promote 250 sites ?

If you want to do everything yourself, i.e. creating a template, doing keyword research, writing the web content, uploading the site, writing a few articles to promote the site via article directories, doing link exchanges, … you might need around 4 days per site. That would be about 3 years for the 250 sites.

To speed up the process, you can either use ready-made website templates and content (other peopleīs articles, public domain content or private label content) or you could outsource as much as possible.

The first option is free but you need to be aware of that dozens or even hundreds of people are using the same content. So when you take the shortcut with ready-made templates and content, you still need to invest some time to turn it into something unique if you donīt want your websites to get banned for being nothing than duplicates.

The second option costs money. Some more experienced marketing veterans outsource the whole website building, content creation and website promotion process. Thatīs probably the best way to go but not everybody can afford it from the beginning.

I donīt know at which point your business development stands and how much you can invest. If you are just starting out, you might wonder now how you can build your first 10 sites fast and with the least possible expenses. Well, youīll find the answer in the coming weeks on my blog.

2) AdSense Wealth Empire Review

First, I was very skeptical about this product when I read the sales letter. I couldnīt imagine that anyone has a content generator that creates webpages with unique and relevant content that are in compliance with Googleīs guidelines.

A fellow marketing colleague recommended this product to me, but for obvious reasons, nobody would tell me upfront how this content generator worked. So the only way to find out was to purchase this 2000 Dollar product and find it out myself.

AdSense Wealth Empire is a set of DVDs with different tools ( content generator, keyword tool, link directory script, …) and video tutorials which teach you a good strategy for earning money with AdSense.

The heart and soul of the entire package is the content generator which is said to create those unique and keyword relevant webpages that comply with Googleīs guidelines.

Does it really ? The answer is: NO !

Actually, the webpages created by this tool are the WORST JUNK I have ever seen until today.

I returned the package and asked for a refund and of course, I do NOT recommend this product.

3) AdSense Templates Review

“AdSense Templates” is a new membership site that was just launched last week by Cody Moya. The membership is limited to 2000 people which is quite a lot and the cost is 97 $ per month.

Letīs take a look at what you get:

Continue Reading … AdSense Templates Review

4) 10 AdSense Secrets Review

AdSense Secrets by Ryan Deiss is a 20 page report that quickly describes 10 “secrets” for earning more money with Google AdSense. Most of these tips (7) are about increasing the click-trough rate for your AdSense ads, the 3 other tips are pretty much general.

Continue Reading … 10 AdSense Secrets Review

The next newsletter will be delivered at the regular schedule again. In the next issue, Iīll give you an update to the blogging experiment and feature a great SEO study regarding keywords in URLs.

Talk to you soon again.


Guido W. Stiehle

P.S.: Check out these videos by Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins at – the third video in the series has just been released and gives you some great tips on increasing sales convertions.

If you donīt know about Latent Semantic Indexing, watch the second video starting from 10 min. 50 sec. – thereīs a great example of how LSI works.

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