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WP Minisite Experiment: Quick Update

Haven´t done anything to further promote “My Home CLeaning Tips” since the last update on this blogging experiment. In these past 4 months (October 2006 – January 2007) the site has earned an average of about 30$ per month from Google AdSense, so the total earning now is $186,83.

I realized that it was useless to create all this “how to contribute” information and videos to show people how they can contribute their articles and home cleaning tips, because nobody ever used this option. For other mini-sites like this one, I focused only on posting the articles and promoting the sites, which is much less time consuming. Without it, I would have only spent 4 hours instead of 11.5 hours.

I also realized that if you have contact page with a basic contact form, this form gets spammed by comment spambots. They don´t seem to make a difference between a comment form and a contact form. Therefore, I tried the “Secure Formmailer Plugin” by DagonDesign. It´s easy to install and works well to keep the spambots away. Gonna use this for my other blogs, too.

Total time spent: 11 hours 30 minutes
Total money spent: 159,40 $
Total money earned: 186,83 $
Revenue: 27,43 $

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