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November 17, 2006

Issue 35: A Live Lesson in List Building

Filed under: newsletter archive - 17 Nov 2006

Im proud to announce that our son Gabriel was born last Saturday at 3:13 a.m. Everything went well, Gabriel and his Mom are fine. Here is a picture of him together with his sister Sophia – she is so happy …

November 1, 2006

AdSense Backgrounds Review

Filed under: product reviews - 01 Nov 2006

3 weeks ago, I got to know about a set of 100+ background images for different Google AdSense ad blocks. I took up on the offer because the examples on the sales page looked good and though they were mostly …

Issue 34: My Fight Against Spam

Filed under: newsletter archive - 01 Nov 2006

All the leaves are brown … and the sky is …
beautifully blue !


I cant remember a warmer autumn like this year. I love it! Todays newsletter will be very short as I have a lot of non-internet work to do. …