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July 24, 2006

WordPress Minisite Experiment – submitting articles

Filed under: marketing experiments - 24 Jul 2006

I�ve just received the 20 articles from the ghostwriter whom I had hired at Elance. Today I spent 2 hours submitting the articles to the blog, adding keywords and description meta tags to each post and editing the timestamp to …

issue 31: web traffic, blogging, tag and ping review

Filed under: newsletter archive - 24 Jul 2006

A warm welcome to all new subscribers who joined us since the last newsletter. These days are very unproductive for me, Im almost only caring about customer support and answering e-mails of my subscribers. You know, theres currently the FIFA …

July 19, 2006

WordPress Minisites Live Experiment – Part 2

Filed under: marketing experiments - 19 Jul 2006

Me and my family are back home from a great vacation at the seaside. We�ve been enjoying the sunny weather and beautiful beaches. While away, a ghostwriter has written a couple of great articles for me. She will be finishing …

July 3, 2006

Live Experiment – starting an open blog for traffic and profit

Filed under: marketing experiments - 03 Jul 2006

This is the first post for the new live experiment that I announced in the past newsletter (June 2006). I�m showing step by step what I�m doing, how much money and time I invest and the revenues I earn from …