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April 25, 2006

building seo niche blogs

Building SEO niche websites with WordPress

Why should anyone bother to use the blogging tool WordPress to build search engine optimized niche websites ? Why not stick with a HTML website builder and good old static webpages ?

Well, there are quite …

issue 28: building SEO niche blogs

Filed under: newsletter archive - 25 Apr 2006

Dear Friend,

phew – I┤m exhausted. I had a good deal of extra work this month and unexpected troubles with an affiliate tracking script. But I┤m glad that I┤ve managed to finish a new tutorial and update the CaRP video turial. …

April 24, 2006

issue 27 – blogging tutorial update

Filed under: newsletter archive - 24 Apr 2006

Just a short announcement to tell you that I┤ve rewritten the WordPress tutorial and re-recorded some of the videos in order to update the tutorial to the latest WordPress version.

Download for free and enjoy.

issue 26: safeguard your site against copycats

Filed under: newsletter archive - 24 Apr 2006

In issue 26 of TheJungleMarketer┤s newsletter you┤ll discover a simple way to protect your websites from copycats and find those copycats who are stealing your content. You┤ll also find some hot topics on which many people WANT help – so …

April 6, 2006

posting by email – formatting problems

Filed under: Uncategorized - 06 Apr 2006

I´ve tested a couple of different ways to get the correct formatting
for the content I´m posting by email. Until now, I´ve found out
that I need to send emails in plain text and in Unicode (UTF-8).

And of course, special characters like …

issue 25 – traffic from eBay, PayDotCom vs ClickBank and more

Filed under: newsletter archive - 06 Apr 2006

Hi again,

what a pleasant surprise when I came back home from Munich yesterday evening. The 5 books I had recently ordered at Alibris, the mega online store for used books, had finally arrived. is a great place to find used …

posting to your blog by email

Filed under: Uncategorized - 06 Apr 2006

Quite a few people asked me how they can post to their WordPress blogs by
email, especially how to setup an autoresponder to automatically post a
sequence of articles over a certain period of time.

Well, setting this up is pretty easy. All …

issue 24 – Affiliate Marketing Questions Answered

Filed under: newsletter archive - 06 Apr 2006

This newsletter answers some questions I get frequently asked from my subscribers related to affiliate marketing. Questions include: how to protect affiliate links, how to become a super affiliate, how to select good affiliate merchants, how to design an affiliate …