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June 23, 2005

blogjet desktop blogging software

Filed under: Uncategorized - 23 Jun 2005

just bought a copy of blogjet, a piece of software that runs on your PC and allows you to manage all of your blogs from one place. So instead of logging into wordpress each time I want to post, I …

June 21, 2005

website design and hosting tips

Filed under: website design and hosting - 21 Jun 2005

In this category of my blog you´ll find great webdesign tips to improve your website´s structure, layout,
navigation, user-friendlyness, styles etc … and how to use certain hosting features.

If anybody´s interested in a basic html tutorial, let me know.

web traffic and blogs

Filed under: website promotion - 21 Jun 2005

Hey – I´m just starting my own experiment how this blog will add to the traffic to my site. Gonna keep you updated with the advancement of this live experiment and encourage you to start blogging, too.

Other website promotion …

fresh money making content from Amazon

Filed under: affiliate marketing - 21 Jun 2005

Learn how to automatically update your website in a search engine friendly way with best selling product lists from Amazon provides XML product feeds to their associates, i.e. you can have real-time access to their database and integrate …

Is Google hiring humans to influence search results ?

Filed under: search engine optimization - 21 Jun 2005

I´ve just seen a quite interesting article in Axandra´s weekly seo newsletter issue 165. Seems that Google is hiring individuals to check their search results for relevant sites and websites that apply spammy seo techniques.

Well – I think …

TheJungleMarketer´s gone blogging

Filed under: Uncategorized - 21 Jun 2005

Alright – finally I got caught by the bloggin craze, too. So here is my first post on my business blog, which will be regularily updated with the daily ramblings of an internet affiliate marketer. More about the …