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October 6, 2007

Review of Neil Sharing´s Passive Cashflow Secrets

Filed under: product reviews - 06 Oct 2007

Neil Sharing recently released a video course called “passive cashflow secrets”. The sales page is very promising, so I bought the course to see if it offers any new information and value for the money. Let me tell you upfront: …

November 1, 2006

AdSense Backgrounds Review

Filed under: product reviews - 01 Nov 2006

3 weeks ago, I got to know about a set of 100+ background images for different Google AdSense ad blocks. I took up on the offer because the examples on the sales page looked good and though they were mostly …

September 22, 2006

Is AdSense really dead or still alive ?

Filed under: product reviews - 22 Sep 2006

Im sure youve heard about this very controversial report named “The Death of AdSense“, by Scott Boulch. After reading it, Ive thought: well, Scott – youve made your AdSense money with junk sites and now the days of …

AdSense Templates Review

Filed under: product reviews - 22 Sep 2006

AdSense Templates is a new membership site that was just launched last week by Cody Moya. The membership is limited to 2000 people which is quite a lot and the cost is 97 $ per month.

Lets take a look …

10 AdSense Secrets Review

Filed under: product reviews - 22 Sep 2006

AdSense Secrets by Ryan Deiss is a 20 page report that quickly describes 10 “secrets” for earning more money with Google AdSense. Most of these tips (7) are about increasing the click-trough rate for your AdSense ads, the 3 …