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October 5, 2007

WordPress Minisite Experiment: News and Conclusions

Filed under: marketing experiments - 05 Oct 2007

First, a quick update on the site earnings for my WordPress minisite, Since the last update, I haven´t touched the site nor spent any time to promote it further. The site continued to produce a small, steady …

January 31, 2007

WP Minisite Experiment: Quick Update

Filed under: marketing experiments - 31 Jan 2007

Haven´t done anything to further promote “My Home CLeaning Tips” since the last update on this blogging experiment. In these past 4 months (October 2006 – January 2007) the site has earned an average of about 30$ per …

October 7, 2006

Blog SEO: optimizing URLs and title tags

Filed under: marketing experiments - 07 Oct 2006

In the past newsletter (issue no. 33) I told you about a study that shows us the unimportance of keywords in URLs. I went a step further and compared WordPress blog pages with junk site generator pages, because both are …

WP Minisite Experiment: the first revenue

Filed under: marketing experiments - 07 Oct 2006

If you are new to my newsletter or don�t remember what this live experiment is about, read the last private posts starting from August 2006.

This time it took quite long to get the site indexed in Google and Yahoo – …

August 7, 2006

WP Minisite – waiting to get indexed in the search engines

Filed under: marketing experiments - 07 Aug 2006

Last week I�ve finally found the time to create some videos to show people how they can contribute to the blog, ask and answer questions and submit their comments on articles and product reviews. I�ve also optimized my WordPress theme …

July 24, 2006

WordPress Minisite Experiment – submitting articles

Filed under: marketing experiments - 24 Jul 2006

I�ve just received the 20 articles from the ghostwriter whom I had hired at Elance. Today I spent 2 hours submitting the articles to the blog, adding keywords and description meta tags to each post and editing the timestamp to …

July 19, 2006

WordPress Minisites Live Experiment – Part 2

Filed under: marketing experiments - 19 Jul 2006

Me and my family are back home from a great vacation at the seaside. We�ve been enjoying the sunny weather and beautiful beaches. While away, a ghostwriter has written a couple of great articles for me. She will be finishing …

July 3, 2006

Live Experiment – starting an open blog for traffic and profit

Filed under: marketing experiments - 03 Jul 2006

This is the first post for the new live experiment that I announced in the past newsletter (June 2006). I�m showing step by step what I�m doing, how much money and time I invest and the revenues I earn from …

June 11, 2006

traffic lesson 2: blogs and forums

Filed under: marketing experiments - 11 Jun 2006

1) Blogging for traffic

I wonder why so many people just setup their blogs and then forget about the most important things for actually getting traffic to their blogs. You�ve already got a comprehensive video tutorial from me that shows you …

April 25, 2006

building seo niche blogs

Building SEO niche websites with WordPress

Why should anyone bother to use the blogging tool WordPress to build search engine optimized niche websites ? Why not stick with a HTML website builder and good old static webpages ?

Well, there are quite …