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April 27, 2009

Back in the brazilian jungle

Filed under: Uncategorized - 27 Apr 2009

Hi there everybody. Is it true that the last post was over one year ago? It´s time for me to write the post for this year, isn´t it? Well, since the last post in March 2008, I´ve spent most of my online marketing time in creating custom WordPress themes and creating / updating my new SEO WordPress themes, which are available for download in two versions.

March 23, 2008

Issue 40: New SEO and Web2.0 WordPress Themes

Filed under: newsletter archive - 23 Mar 2008

Dear Colleague,

after another long period of silence, I have some interesting news for you: a new product review and new WordPress themes.

In today´s issue:

1. Review of Neil Sharing´s “ten day cash secret”
2. New Web2.0 WordPress Themes
3. A New PLR Package …

November 30, 2007

Issue 39: The Past and Future of SEO Writing

Filed under: newsletter archive - 30 Nov 2007

Dear Colleague,

have you ever tried to attract more visitors from search engines by writing and publishing keyword focused articles?

Actually, I don´t write many articles myself, most articles are written for me by ghostwriters. But it doesn´t matter if you are …

October 6, 2007

Review of Neil Sharing´s Passive Cashflow Secrets

Filed under: product reviews - 06 Oct 2007

Neil Sharing recently released a video course called “passive cashflow secrets”. The sales page is very promising, so I bought the course to see if it offers any new information and value for the money. Let me tell you upfront: …

October 5, 2007

WordPress Minisite Experiment: News and Conclusions

Filed under: marketing experiments - 05 Oct 2007

First, a quick update on the site earnings for my WordPress minisite, Since the last update, I haven´t touched the site nor spent any time to promote it further. The site continued to produce a small, steady …

October 4, 2007

Issue38 – I´m back doing business online

Filed under: newsletter archive - 04 Oct 2007

Today´s topics:

1. The 2 main reasons for my absence.

2. What I´ll be doing in the coming months

2 Reasons for my Absence

A) Lazyness?

Well, I can´t say I´m a lazy person. I´m still a full-time dentist and father of 3 little kids …

October 3, 2007

Making of Acai Juice

Filed under: Uncategorized - 03 Oct 2007

Acai is a palm tree and not only people in the brazilian rainforest love to drink the juice which is made of the pulp of its fruits. Making it all manually is a hard work, but it´s also fun and …

Pictures of my jungle home

Filed under: Uncategorized - 03 Oct 2007

here are a few pictures for you to get an impression of my jungle home in Brazil. If you want to know where the city “Cruzeiro do Sul” is located, simply check out Google maps or Google Earth (searching for …

January 31, 2007

WP Minisite Experiment: Quick Update

Filed under: marketing experiments - 31 Jan 2007

Haven´t done anything to further promote “My Home CLeaning Tips” since the last update on this blogging experiment. In these past 4 months (October 2006 – January 2007) the site has earned an average of about 30$ per …

Issue37: My fight against Spam – Part2: Victory!

Filed under: newsletter archive - 31 Jan 2007

Dear Subscriber,

I hope you had a great start in the new year. I am planning to lay the foundations for a completely new small business and a big move from Germany back home to Brazil. But first, we (my wife, …

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